Friday, October 22, 2010

Our 5% Apology: SAVE5

Our server has been glitching for the past few days, catching many of you in an endless loop of timed-outs and error messages.  Darn it, I hate when technology bites me in the... foot. 

The store is back up and running, but in a shameless plea to not lose your sale, enter SAVE5 at checkout and take 5% off your total purchase. 

This coupon is good until SUNDAY, OCTOBER 31.  Thank you for your patience!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Match the Poncho to the Car Seat

The new line of Car Seat Ponchos had your car seats and your car interiors in mind.  In addition to fashion, fun, convenience and cuteness, the Car Seat Poncho can add a grace note of coordination between your kid, the car seat and your car.  The match game above is just for fun, so choose the poncho that matches your seat, then visit the store to see the full selection.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Y'All Ready for This?

Feel that chill in the air? It's poncho time! Let's kick off the fall with a good ole' pep rally. Stadium lights on, cue the marching band....  Now, y'all ready to shop?  Take a look at all sizes and colors.

Rare Car Seat Poncho on EBay!

A few years ago, we did a blue/green plaid reversible Car Seat Poncho, and it was a huge hit.  In addition to being safe, warm and hassle free (as all Car Seat Ponchos are), this one had the added versatility of plaid on one side (interesting, but not too busy or babyish), and solid blue on the other (yet still have some of the fun plaid showing on the hem and the hood.  We decided that would be our last plaid, though, because using plaid in production requires a lot more fabric (to ensure that the lines match), which drives up costs.

So if you're looking for a boy's M/L Car Seat Poncho -- either a bargain or a collector's item, bid on it HERE.

Bidding start at $10, and ends Thursday, 10/7/10.  Good luck to all bidders!