Thursday, December 17, 2009

Welcome South Dakota!

For three years I have been staring at a map of the continental US and chanting, "Idaho, South Dakota, Montana..." because these were the only three states in the union where I had NOT YET sold a Car Seat Poncho.  People from Alaska and Maine have bought Car Seat Ponchos, as well as people in California, Louisiana and Florida (which surprised me, but what the heck).  But year after year, nary a peep from that upper swath of the mountain region.

After today, my chant will be a shorter chant because the lovely Diana from Brandon SD called and ordered a Small Denim Camo Reversible, a matching hat and a blanket for her grandson.  And tonight as I pack and ship her order, I whisper, "Forty eight down... two to go.  Take heed, Idahoans and Montanans, take heed!"

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