Monday, September 26, 2011

Why Is the "Bundle Me" Bad in a Car Seat?

Every child safety expert says "NO!" to using the Bundle Me in a car seat, but why?

The reason Bundle Me's are not safe is that the part that goes behind the child's back is too fluffy and thick, and does not allow you to properly secure your child in the car seat. Fluff and bulk in FRONT of a baby and under the harness would compress in a collision, but fluff between the BACK of a baby and the car seat prevents the harness from being tight enough.

While a Bundle Me does allow the harness to be directly on the child's chest, it provides only the illusion of security because of the extra "air space" in the back. "Shower cap" infant car seat covers like this are the better way to keep infants warm in bucket car seats.

And when you "graduate" your baby to a convertible, the Car Seat Poncho is the very best, easiest way to keep baby warm!

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