Monday, October 3, 2011

Getting Into the Car Seat = 180 Times

If you start using your Car Seat Poncho this week (beginning of fall), and put your child(ren) in the car seat at least once a day for the next six months (till spring), that's 180 times you'll be able to keep your baby warm going to and riding in the car seat.

180 trips = 6 months x 30 days

And then, of course, you have to take him or her out:

180 trips x (into the car + out of the car) = 360 "in and outs"

And for most parents (and definitely for those with more than one child), there are at least TWO trips a day. So, over the course of this fall and winter, there will probably be about 500 "in and outs."  Six. Hundred.

But if you've already got your Car Seat Poncho, you're probably so psyched, because you're knocking off those 600 "in-and-outs" without the hassle of a coat or the coat trick.  Without taking your child's coat off in the car and putting it on backwards (or picking it when it drops to the floor).  Without pulling the harness reeeealllly tight and hoping for the best...

The sooner you order your Car Seat Poncho, the sooner you'll receive it.  Put it to work right away and start getting back the value for your money and your time.  Then you'll have even MORE reason to love those crispy, chilly mornings.  All 180 of them!

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