Wednesday, December 14, 2011

BABY BARGAINS Likes the Car Seat Poncho!

The Car Seat Poncho was recommended in the Baby Bargains blog! 

Their blog post for today, 12/14/11, featured a letter from a reader who wanted to know how to keep her toddler warm in her car seat.  They responded:
"We found a company, H. Barry Boo, that offers a great solution. The Car Seat Poncho (sells for $35 to $45 in a wide variety of fleece options. The idea: keep your child warm while walking to the car then flip the poncho up and over the seat. "
(Click here to read their full blog post.)
If you are a new or expecting parent, you NEED a copy of Baby Bargains (especially now ;-).  It is the voice of sanity in the crazy world of baby products, and will save you from a panic attack when you are zapping items for your baby registry!

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