Wednesday, June 24, 2015

UPDATE (6/24/15):  Solid-color ponchos are back in stock! 

To celebrate, we are offering a very rare coupon code for 20% off your total purchase.  The code is WELOVECARSEATPONCHOS, and expires at midnight, Friday, July 10, 2015.  True, summer has only just arrived, but we very rarely offer coupon codes, and we have NEVER, ever offered 20% off. 

Our reversible styles, Leopard and Camo, will be ready at the end of July.  We are not sure if we can offer a coupon code for those styles.  If we do, we're not sure if it can be 20% (probably 10%).

To stay up to date for any new developments, friend Donna Eng (Car Seat Poncho inventor) on Facebook and subscribe to the Car Seat Poncho Blog .

Thanks for loving (and recommending, gifting and sharing) the Car Seat Poncho!

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