Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Men, Women & Car Crashes: Guess What This Means for Your Kids

Today's New York Times Science section reports that, according to a review of over 45,000 crash victims, women driving cars are 47%  more likely to suffer serious injuries in a crash, even when both groups wear seat belts.

Investigators from the University of Virginia, who reviewed NHTSA data from the last 11 years, said women are more susceptible to injury for a variety of reasons, primarily differences in neck strength and musculature, positioning of head restraints, and seating posture.

They also report that "car safety devices have been designed largely for men, and women may need safety features that take into account [adjust to] their differences...  For now, female drivers can ensure that their safety systems perform optimally [by] maintaining good belt fit and correct seating posture."

Doesn't this sound familiar -- belt fit and seating posture?  These are the dual purposes of high back booster seats: to ensure that lap belts fit across the hip bones (not the soft abdomen) and shoulder bones (not the neck); to ensure upright posture when seated, even while sleeping.

Please consider that if 1.) seat belts are designed to fit men; and 2.) even adult women are at risk for serious injury because of poor fit and positioning, 3.) the risk to a child is potentially catastrophic. 

Catastropic. For your child.  Please prevail over your child's complaints and other people's comments to keep your family safe.

Thank you for reading, and please share this information with friends, family and anyone else concerned with passenger safety.

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