Monday, November 28, 2011

Perfect Foot Rest for FF Kids

This box makes a perfect FF foot rest!
 When extended rear-facing (ERF) kids finally turn around forward-facing, a lot of them are actually LESS comfortable because they're not used to having their legs dangling.  It makes perfect sense.  After all, isn't it more comfortable to put your feet up on the coffee table than to keep them flat on the floor?

I found the perfect foot rest for my DS, who rides in a Monterey, in the centerseat/second row of an 8-passenger Sienna.  A 12"x12"x8" US Postal Service shipping box!  Available for FREE at your local post office!

It fits perfectly in front of his seat, and can easily be pushed halfway under the front row console.  It's lightweight and, anchored under the console, is unlikely to become a projectile.  I have it taped shut on the foot rest side (I use the bottom of the box because it's plain white), but on the side that goes on the floor, I just pushed the flaps into the box so that it stays open.  This also makes it a handy hiding place for when we want to leave things in the car, like a digital camera or an mp3 player.  Some day I might spray paint it a cool color, but it's mostly plain white and perfectly acceptable to me that way.

Your local post office has these (and other size) boxes for FREE, and if you don't see them, just ask at the desk or visit this page at  And did I mention they're FREE?