Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Girls' Colors Sold Out till 2014

If you have a genuine Car Seat Poncho that your child has outgrown (and you are willing to part with it), consider posting it for sale.  Our own web store is sold out, completely.  Demand is strong right now, and not only can you free up some space and score a few extra bucks, you can save the sanity of moms who are sick of hassling with coats and blankets, and keep some sweeties safe and cozy in their car seats! 
Whether you are ISO or have one FOR SALE, I strongly recommend posting on the Swap board of Carseat.org.  Other options are your local mommies’ board, Craigslist, Baby Center, Car Seats for the Littles, etc. 
Note:  GENUINE CAR SEAT PONCHOS are made of two layers of high quality, anti-pill polyester fleece and feature a high quality reversible, fully separating zipper.  All genuine Car Seat Ponchos have branded labels on the inside and outside (pictured above).  They are manufactured professionally and are NOT home sewn.  No wobbly neck lines, uneven hems, or "poncho face," which can make your toddler really, really angry.  You know, angry in that particular toddler way...
One of the most important features of a genuine Car Seat Poncho is that it does not have a drawstring.  Drawstrings are illegal for children’s clothing and have been linked to several cases of child strangulation and death. 
Good luck to all who are searching and all who may sell.  Post on our Facebook page if you have success!

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