Wednesday, November 27, 2013

"So whose sippy cup is this?"

Proud of my CPST work today: While installing an infant seat for a pregnant couple, and I see a sippy cup in the back seat:

Me: "I thought the baby wasn't even born yet."
Mom: "Not till December."
Me: "Oh. So whose sippy cup is this?"
Mom: "My older daughter."
Me: "Oh, I see. What does she ride in?"
Mom: "Well, she's twelve..."
Me: (started to nod as if I realize what she's going to say...)
Mom: "...but she's handicapped."

Immediately my supervisor and I look at each other. Dad taps mom on the arm and says, "Oh, maybe we should ask about that thing..."

Mom's eyes light up and says, "Oh, YEAH, that thing..."

Turns out their older child is handicapped. That "thing" in the trunk was an EZ On vest. While I took care of the infant seat install, my supe took over and took them through everything they had to know and had to do to get the right tether anchor, how to use the vest, other things they should be aware of with an SN child, etc. I don't know any of the background (type/degree of handicap or what the 12 year old had been riding in before), but the end result is that not only will the newborn ride safely, but big sister will, too.

I'm so glad I had my detective eyes on this morning and asked that one little question!

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Wishing you all safe travels and Happy Thanksgiving (and Thanksgivingkuh)!

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