Sunday, October 18, 2009

More Stories of Attempted Poncho Sewing

This week we got some more emails from moms who tried to make their own ponchos.  One Nebraska mom with three kids sent us a picture and told us her story:

It's not near as good as a real Car Seat Poncho since mine doesn't have a hood. I made it w/ a hood and it ate my child's head so it had to come off, lol. Then I had to tighten up the hole for the head so it stayed on, it was quite the comical sewing day! It's just 2 layers of fleece I got sewed together in every which way. It's definitely NOT reversible either. It's a better option than a coat for small babies, but mine isn't so good b/c it has no hat and Olivia will not keep hats on right now!
Another mom sent this:
I made DD a few last year and only one that turned out halfway decent. It was "okay" but it was only one layer and the hat was separate and no zipper (I can't do zippers). She outgrew it and I was going to make another this year, but I'm seriously reconsidering because I still have not perfected it and by the time I buy all the fabric....sheesh... Making just one took about an hour...2 hours counting the hat. It wasn't warm enough. And I don't want to mess with it this year.
Thanks to all the moms who came clean about their home sewing experiences.  If you have one you'd like to share (and get a $10 coupon as consolation), post with a picture to this thread. Thanks!

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