Monday, October 12, 2009

The New Boys Are Here!

Thanks to your fabulous input, I created three new color combinations for boys and THEY ARE HERE, freshly stocked at the Car Seat Poncho store!

The new colors reflect your desire for more classic (collegiate-looking) combinations, a more subdued shade of blue, and a combination that included earth tones like brown, tan and moss.  The sketches don't do them justice, obviously.  As soon as the sun, the temperature and the models can be coordinated, new photos will be on the way.

And for little girls, Light Pink/White SMALL is BACK IN STOCK! To all the patient moms who wanted their little girls in the quintessential, classic girl color, thank you for waiting.
You, my dear blog subscribers and Facebook friends, are getting the news first, before regular searchers and shoppers.  As I've said before, friendship and subscription does have its privileges.  Feel free to forward this post to your friends and birth boards so they can also get advance notice of sales, coupons and new colors.  But for today, you might want to do a little private shopping for your own lil' man -- or one you know.  ;-)

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