Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Sample Sale (Finally!)

The samples are finally out in the Car Seat Poncho store!  Blog subscribers and Face Book friends will be the only ones getting this notice.  ("Regular" shoppers, I love you, but subscription and Face Book friendship have to have their privileges!)

The samples available are Royal Blue/White and Navy/Yellow (both SMALL), and Lavender/Pink  (MED/LARGE).  The blue styles were made when I was picking colors for the final collection (I love using Project Runway lingo).  The lavender style was one of the most popular color combinations from 2007, but has since been retired.  Let me know if you think these combos might deserve their own place in future collections, and feel free to suggest more.

(By the way, I decided not to do the auction because I have no idea how to set up an EBay auction!)

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